venerdì 1 giugno 2007

Pictures from Denmark!

Finally also in Denmark orchids are blooming and now we have their pictures.
And interesting species, also!
Orchis mascula, Dacthyloriza majalis and the little green Listera ovata. Beautiful, all of them.
Congratulations, it was worth waiting!

lunedì 7 maggio 2007

First points for the picture contest

Here we are. Following there are the tables with the data collected in our Italian school about the best photographer and the best picture.

Now updated also with the data on photographers and pictures from Malta!

Best Photographer

Best picture

giovedì 19 aprile 2007

Second Field Trip

In Italy we went in our second field trip Friday 13th. A LOT of orchids, it was really both beautiful and enchanting. In some places literally carpets of white and pink orchids. More than one thousand of them.
We found several species, above all Orchis simia, the monkey orchid, so named because each flower resembles a little homunculus with a big head. Then the big Orchis purpurea. Then we did find a really really rare orchid: Orchis militaris! It’s so rare that the botanical books of the Euganean Hills write that it exists in only four places. And we did find it in other three places! We did communicate the discover to one of botanists writing that book. We’re really proud!
We found also a charming, also rare, albino Orchis simia.
And then to top all this an early blooming of a beautiful white orchid, Cephalantera longifolia.

We have now THREE albums with pictures from Malta and Italy. We urge you to write down a commente with the best pictures names!

lunedì 16 aprile 2007

Picture Contest - Italy and Malta on the run

Here there are posted now two albums with the pictures from Malta and Italy.
Please, look at them and LEAVE A COMMENT with the name of the picture(s) you think are best!

giovedì 12 aprile 2007

Tomorrow, April 13th, we'll go again in a field trip for the "Orchid Chase".
This time the orchids we'll find are "Orchis morio", "Orchis simia" and perhaps, if we are lucky, the RARE "Orchis militaris"!

domenica 25 marzo 2007

Etwinning Project "Wild Orchids around Europe"

This is the first post for a blog made by the Istituto Comprensivo about an Etwinning Project involving Denmark and Malta.

Questo è il primo post per un blog fatto dall'Istituto Comprensivo per un Progetto Etwinning che coinvolge Danimarca e Malta.